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The Curse of Foreign Coaches.

Vivian Banhire

Zimbabwe’s biggest 2 sporting disciplines that is Cricket and Soccer are currently struggling whilst both are under the guidance of foreign coaches.

The Zimbabwe Cricket Men’s National team has played at least 10 Test matches under Indian Lalchand Rajput and has won only two and drawn one with seven ending in sorry defeats.

They have also featured in 29 ODIs and lost a staggering 24 matches while winning five. Four of the ODI wins came against United Arab Emirates at home.

Under Rajput, Zimbabwe has played 34 T20Is and won nine, losing 25.

In total, Lalchand Rajput has been at the helm for 73 games with only 16 wins.

And in Soccer, ZIFA hired Mr Zvdarko Logarusic in 2020 to turn around the fortunes of Zimbabwe Football but the Croatian gaffer is doing exactly the same with his cricket counterpart.

He has won only once in 14 games. He has mastered the art of failing to win against any type of opposition from strong to weak football nations with the win coming against Botswana.

These 2 as foreigners get top class services from these 2 National Boards from accommodation, salaries and transport. But they aren’t returning the favour.

Fans have called for the sacking of these 2 non performing coaches but the leadership of both ZIFA and ZC aren’t listening to the voice of reason.

After the loss in Ethiopia, everyone hopes Logarusic will be sacked. This is one guy who has coached 7 teams in 7 consecutive seasons.

For Rajput, he coached India to the T20 World Cup victory in 2007, coached an IPL side in 2008 and disappeared until he resurfaced as Afghanistan coach in 2016 for only a year. His contract is supposedly expiring at the end of this month and we hope it won’t be renewed.

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