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We have shoot ourselves in the foot

BY Tendekai Kingston Mujeri

We have shoot ourselves in the foot , setting ourselves a mile away from making it to the 2023 ICC world cup , the first game against the tigers well we can take that defeat we were outplayed in all departments but the 2nd and the third I feel we let our chances slip once again the problem being failure to finish.

As it has always been the case when our bowlers come to the party our batters go into the shells and the opposite is true. The only thing they all have in common is the inability to finish the game when it matters .

Talk about finishing the game our top order failed to apply themselves the way the tigers did at list on all occasions they has a senior player or at list someone who would provide the solid platform for others to bat around him on the other hand our young and upcoming youngsters all had starts looking good but dramatically giving away their wickets we can’t deny they are some occasions especially in the final ODI that they may have gotten out to just good bowling.

Young Wesley has had 3 50 scores that all looked to be possible tones but he is still to convert Dion has the ability to score quick but losses his head were it matters and was found wanting at a moment a game winning partnership was being formed.

Now that the series is over out attention is on the t20i do we go to the drawing board again how can the boys come to the park for once and be match winners , they have a long over due outstanding date with us their loyal supporter’s we are talking something as far as the ticket to the world cup 2019 they throw away at the hands of UAE.

Our question still remains what is it that Bangladesh has done over the past couple of years that even guarantees them a place on the ICC test championship table yet at some time they were far far behind us. We have changed Captains changed coach’s and still we continue to go on the downhill it’s no secret the majority of the supporter’s are already accustomed to the chevrons Lossing more than winning.

It does not matter who is in the team but if we are unable to close a good start with a great finish we will still be losing even if we put 500 on the board , that class act of stepping up to the challenge of saying now BT has been cheaply dismissed I have to step up and play sensible cricket and secure a victory for my team is what’s needed.

While we are expecting for the worst we surely are hoping for the best in the t20i part of the tour and this is our cry to the boys life is hard for everyone but when you go out on the park please remember you are carrying the hopes of the nation we are supporting you because we trust you are capable of getting the job done

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